How To Put Yahoo! Messenger And Skype Icons Or Buttons On Your WordPress Blog

by Sarah Watts

Want people to be able to call you on Skype when they visit your WordPress blog? Do you want people to know that you are online on Yahoo! messenger and they can initiate a chat session by simply clicking the icon or the button on your blog? This is a very good way of encouraging your visitors to contact you immediately and interact with you, whether on personal or business level. Of to achieve this you need to know how to modify WordPress source files; for instance if you want to put the chat buttons on the side bar you should know how to edit sidebar.php or the widget associated with it.

Normally when you are online the two Yahoo! Messenger and Skype icons look like:

Yahoo! Messenger and Skype Icons when onlineYahoo! Messenger and Skype Icons when online 

These icons change color or text when you are offline so that your visitors know when they can contact you directly.

Putting Yahoo! Messenger chat icon or button on your WordPress blog

Putting a Yahoo! Messenger chat icon is very easy. You can have it as a text link or a graphic link. In order to have a text link, just use this sort of HTML tag:

Replace “ymid” with your actual Yahoo! id.

And if you want a graphic icon, use this:

<a href=”sendIM?ymid””><div><img src=”//;m=g&amp;t=2″” border=”“0″” alt=”“”” /></div></a>

The value of t can vary according to the sort of icon you want.

Putting Skype icon or button on your WordPress blog

Although you can easily log into your Skype account and find out how to put a Skype button on your website, if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you can simply use this code:

Replace “ID” with your actual Skype! id.

<a href=”ID?call”><img src=”; style=”border:none;” width=”153″ height=”63″ alt=”Skype Me™!” /></a>

You can customize the button by logging into your Skype account. Before you can use the Skype status icon you’ll need to change your Skype privacy settings.

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6 thoughts on “How To Put Yahoo! Messenger And Skype Icons Or Buttons On Your WordPress Blog

  1. Trims balesannya, coba logo YM nya anda ketik, kan ndak nyambung ke YM, tapi ke wordpressnya dengan tulisan “page not found”. Setelah saya cari informasi ulang ternyata yang langsung nyambung ke YM ternyata tidak bisa pada versi gratisan wordpress.

    kalo di blogspot bisa, coba anda klik logo YM di blog yang ini, kan langsung nyambung ke YM,

    Jangan lupa mampir kesini ya
    trims ^_^

    • Halo mas.. ternyata bener mas.. sekarang malah jadi page not found. sebelumnya saya gunakan tidak ada masalah.
      klo udah dapat solusi untuk wordpress gratisan jangan lupa bagi2 ya mas..

      ths n salam

    • Halo juga.
      Harusnya bisa mas… seperti yang saya gunakan pada widget saya. apa mungkin ada salah ketik barangkali.

      ini contoh dengan id nya “kartini”.


      semoga bisa ya mas..

      Salam blogger

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