Ask The Style Editor, Find The Most Flattering Dress For Your Body Type

Glo Style Editor Lilah Nicolaidis answers your most pressing dressing questions.

Family, friends and colleagues are always asking me: How do I find the most flattering dress for my body type? To answer that question I enlisted the help of an expert, Ariane Goldman, the owner and creator of twobirds bridesmaid dresses. Outfitting women in flattering styles is her specialty, and twobirds dresses are designed to work for any occasion. The idea behind the line is to buy one dress that you can wear in over 15 unique ways that will flatter all body types. How can such a dream be true? Goldman explains, “With a tuck here and a twist there, women of all shapes and sizes find themselves smiling from ear to ear when they wear these versatile dresses.”

We can definitely vouch for this magical dress, but I also asked Goldman for some tips on seven body types — let’s get started!

Full Bust

For bigger chests, Goldman recommends a strapless dress … with a great bra of course! “This style allows you to be comfortable and show as much or as little cleavage as you want depending on the occasion or your mood,” she explains.


“Definitely a longer dress,” advises Goldman, “to add length and emphasize the natural shape of the body.” We’d even suggest a belt to further optimize this voluptuous shape.


“Women with this body type look best in a dress with a hem that’s shorter in the front and longer on the sides,” suggests Goldman, “the way it creates asymmetry at the calf is very flattering.” Prefer a longer style overall? Goldman recommends a halter dress. “Showing shoulders draws attention to the face, takes the eye up and makes the figure appear longer.” Sounds good to us!


For smaller sizes, Gold directs her clients towards short, straight dresses with plunging v-necks or backless styles. Showing more skin is very flattering for a small frame since it adds length to your silhouette.

Plus Size

To be comfortable with your curves, Goldman suggests two styles. “A one-shouldered dress holds you in while creating a sexy line that contours the figure and shows some skin.” Feeling a bit more modest? Try long sleeves and a below-the-knee length to elongate your figure while still accentuating your natural shape.

Boyish Figure

“Tall, slender women tend to look best in a classic tank style,” says Goldman, who suggests a cross-back accent that falls easily on the body for extra elegance. Try bright colors, too, for added volume.


“Pregnant women love an empire waist and forgiving draping,” explains Goldman. After that, she suggests anything that celebrates the belly — don’t try to camouflage it! Look for colors that complement your skin tone, too.

Hopefully this will help you find a dress that highlights your best features and has you feeling confident for any occasion!


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