Men are not loyal

Men can’t live without sex. They are monogamous and they always betray their wives. These are the traditional phrases that could be heard about men. And these phrases frighten many women that due to their emotional essence and vivid imagination always think their boyfriends cheat them.

Well, maybe the absolute majority of people really like to betray and have sex with everybody they see, nevertheless there are men that keep their loyalty to their wives and girlfriends. Nobody will give you 100% but there is always possibility that your man is the one who is not going to harm you.

But statistics really makes all women upset because it shows that more than 68% of men cheat their wives. If to consider that asked men could lie, this percentage rises. In fact we have over 78% of men who had sex with someone else. And everything women can do is to hope.

The fact that men like sex and women don’t is connected with the physical structure of the women’s and men’s bodies. Firs of all men have one so famous thing that sometimes turns off their brain and takes the control over the whole body. I think you’ve understood what I mean. I am talking about the men’s genital organ. Due to their physiology men don’t control this organ that can show excitement to any women that passes by. But it doesn’t mean they can’t control it so much that they will have sex with any women they see. The problem is that men get much more special hormone that provokes the sexual desire that is why they demand sex from their wives and girlfriends.


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