50 Reasons Why Young Women Should Date Older Men

Some call it the “Sugar Daddy Syndrome.” Others call it the “Father was never around” complex. A lot of people have no problem with it, while many find it sick and perverted. Regardless of your own personal views, young women dating older men is a worldwide phenomenon that is gaining popularity and acceptance at an alarming rate.

Why do young women like older men? What attracts 20-something females to 40, 50, even 60-something males? You could spend several hundred hours with a series of shrinks in an attempt to sort through the plethora of possible answers. The only problem with that is that most psychiatrists are expensive and love the term “billable hours.” It would cost thousands of dollars to find out the truth.

After talking with both sexes at great length, I have come to the conclusion that young women like older men because the relationship comes with benefits – lots of them. Face it — we are a very simple race. We look at dating the same way we look at a financial balance sheet.

What will I get out of it? Is it a good deal for me? How can I leverage this? These are just some of the questions we constantly ask ourselves when we’re in any relationship, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Here is a list that we’re calling the Top 50 Reasons Why Young Women Should Date Older Men. If you’re a young attractive lady considering a guy twice your age, this list might give you the 50 reasons you need to persuade yourself into making a move to the geriatric side. Here it goes:

1. He knows a lot of useless stuff and makes a great partner in games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash.
2. He’s well-read. He can explain a book’s plot and storyline to you quickly and succinctly, thereby saving you the time it would take to actually read the book. It’s like having your own personal set of Cliff Notes.
3. This gives you more free time to spend his money at malls, outlet stores, and online.
4. He knows a lot about music. He can name the band that Paul McCartney played with prior to Wings.
5. You can borrow his Grecian Formula to patch any bleached sun spots in your hair.
6. The big bedroom and/or guest rooms in his house means no rent for you and eventually your friends/relatives can move in too.
7. He’ll provide better, more intelligent and engrossing conversations. (How long can you talk about trucks, extreme sports and partying anyway?)
8. If you sprain your ankle, you can use his cane.
9. He qualifies for early bird senior discounts at restaurants.
10. He’ll actually dance with you at night clubs. He’ll be the hit of the party when he pulls out his “Funky Chicken.”
11. He’ll open doors and pull out chairs for you.
12. If he gets too chatty, you can hide his teeth.
13. Qualifies for AARP membership privileges.
14. You can throw away all of your coupons for McDonalds, Der Wienerschnitzel and Panda Express since you have no use for them. Start to brush up on your dining etiquettes and prepare yourself for eating at restaurants such as Houston’s, P.F. Chang, and Morton’s.
15. He’ll give you flowers, candy and best of all – cold, hard cash!
16. He’s into holding hands and other Public Displays of Affection (PDA’s) as opposed to today’s “no contact” rules associated with dating in 2007.
17. You won’t need to pay for AAA roadside service because he’ll pick you up whenever your car breaks down.
18. He’ll effectively replace your dad for when pops isn’t around. (Celebrate Father’s Day twice!)
19. Will treat 100% of the time. (Young guys don’t have cash, credit cards, or in many cases, wallets.)
20. No random late-night booty calls, because he goes to bed at 9 pm every night.
21. He won’t try to change you.
22. He can help you with your homework.
23. He’s very experienced in bed. If you like it or want to try it, he’s been there, done that! (And more than once.)
24. He won’t pretend to listen to you just so he can get in your pants.
25. Kiss goodbyes to Motel 6, Budget Inn, and Super 8 when you travel. Say hello to the Hyatt, the Hilton, and the Westin.
26. He has a future, even though it might be a limited one.
27. You’ll never have to pay for car maintenance. A lifetime of free tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations and windshield wiper replacements awaits you.
28. Dating him will shock your folks. They may even throw lots of money at you to stop dating him.
29. He has some serious pension/social security money coming to him down the line.
30. He’s not sleeping on mommy’s couch or living with his parents.
31. You don’t have to worry about him looking at other women. (His vision is probably so shot he can’t see them).
32. He’s articulate and knows multi-syllabic words. (Improve your vocabulary).
33. Sex with caring.
34. He dresses better. Won’t show up in his one pair of ratty jeans all the time. Means you can get into nice restaurants/clubs.
35. He doesn’t have any drug baggage. He may have smoked pot in the ’60’s and ’70’s; or did coke in the ’80’s and ’90’s, but chances are he’s clean now. (Otherwise he’d probably be dead.)
36. He’s entitled to all kind of discounts including senior bus fares and matinee discounts. This means more cash left over for you.
37. He’ll wait at least one month before he expects it.
38. You won’t have to worry about getting pregnant. His sperm cells are so old, they’re swimming backstroke (Warning: Always wear protection.)
39. He’s an attentive lover and won’t forget your name or order pizza immediately after he has an orgasm.
40. He won’t argue with you over little, meaningless things. (He’s basically numb.)
41. He won’t ask you a bunch of personal, prying questions, like “What’s your name?”
42. He won’t run away. At least not very far. Or very fast.
43. You can talk politics with him, something you can’t do with younger men. (He knows that Colin Powell isn’t a medical condition.)
44. He’ll memorize your phone number, which comes in handy if you get too drunk and forget it.
45. He’ll turn you on to old-school chick flicks like The Graduate, Love Story and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
46. He has a nice car. Park your Hyundai and start driving his Infiniti, Porsche, Lexus, Mercedes or BMW.
47. He’ll take you on incredible vacations, unlike young guys. No more Vegas, Palm Springs and Tijuana during Spring Break. Say hello to cruises to Europe and Australia, ski trips to Aspen and Telluride and African safaris.
48. He won’t be jealous of your vibrator. He’s realistic!
49. He won’t be text messaging you all the time. He doesn’t know how!     Got Milk
50. When he dies, you can date his cute son(s)!


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