10 Reasons Women Are So Damn Cool, and We Know It!

1. We can talk dirty to a man and it’s not called sexual harassment its $3.99 a minute.

2. We can convince you of the inaccuracy of every weight scale ever made. We can also educate you on how colors make you look thinner and how wearing two shirts hides the fat rolls.

3. We only beautify ourselves because we KNOW the average man can see better than he thinks.

4. We can bleed for 5 days or more and not die. In fact come near us and we’ll show you how alive we are.

5. Women can say more with a look than most men can in a sermon. Why Women are so Damn Cool

6. We have curves. It’s been said that “a curve is the sexiest distance between two points.”

7. It makes us happy to spot another woman fatter than us. (Men will never get that feeling)

8. Women will always be smarter than men. Not because we know more than a man, because we understand more than a man.

9. Women are the only ones who understand other women + we understand men as well!

10. We know if a man doesn’t like a woman with brains, then he must be gay.


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