10 phrases men are afraid to hear from a woman

No matter how strong the opposite sex would name themselves, actually they are much weaker. Sometimes one word can frighten and make a man nervous. We know what threads to pull.

A man is a very timid being. He is afraid first of all of a woman, who knows about it perfectly and uses in her own purposes.

A man’s fears remain hidden almost always. Fear – a taboo for a man; overwhelming majority of men deny they feel it.

In relationships with women men are afraid:

– To be rejected;
– To become dependent;
– To appear unnecessary;
– To appear thrown or humiliated;
– To appear in submission;
– Not to correspond to excessively high woman’s inquiries;

And… To hear such phrases::

I have thought here …

Such phrase can mean only that business gets serious character for men. As a rule, after a certain pause quite serious questions «What do you love me for?», «How do you think, whether there is a future for our relations?», «Why not to get married?» etc. More often, it is all will go with a certain implied sense on the further development of your relations.

Behave like a man

It is very difficult to find even more humiliating phrase, than a phrase «behave like a man, at last!». It is such a blow on man’s vanity, man’s pride, self-respect. It is not surprising that nobody would wish to hear similar phrase, especially from a woman. Men can answer with the same «Well, why you do not behave like a real grumbling woman?»

My parents wish to get acquainted with you

For men such phrase can mean 2 things:

Your relations already got serious character, for this reason parents wish to know, whom their daughter date and what you represent (in general, wish to estimate you).

You’ve been dating for a long already, for this reason her parents wish to discuss a question concerning your further plans for a joint life.

I have a headache

This phrase can mean that plans of your female half for the next night unclude only sleeping and having proper rest (a day was too stressful, there was much work, she absolutely have no forces).

My ex did it another way!

Well, whom it will be pleasant to, when he is started to be compared to the former partners, guys? Naturally anybody would like it, after all everyone wishes to think of himself as about individuality, a unique one! What’s the difference who did something earlier, after all it is a question of the present. Men should stop similar comparisons initially, however do it in a soft unostentatious manner.

And what do you think of it?

Women – curious creations which are interested ineverything, like to discuss, study, compare, analyze something. Men on the contrary prefer to hold everything in themselves, they do not like when they are tried to be analysed.

How do you think, is she nice?

Yes she has noticed for a long time already that you have stared here at that blonde on an opposite side of the street! For this reason if you answer this question “no”, she will be 100 %  assured you have told lies. It is better to answer similar questions this way «yes, she’s not bad. But in my opinion, she’s rather plump, she should visit a gym. But you are what I need!».

Have you noticed something changed in me?

You are plugged … if certainly you have not noticed these changes … The longer you delay the answer, the more upset your second half will be. It will be even worse, if instead of bought new ear rings, you will praise her new hairdress.

We should talk

Such phrase means only one, there will be nothing pleasant further. This phrase serves as a signal to men that there are some problems in relations, probably it even will be a question of termination of relations. Everyone will be frightened..

I have spent so much time on you

Well, here everything is clear… So if you do not wish to frighten you beloved off once and for all – do not use the phrases set forth above. And he should not give you an occasion for them!

(I love this notes…)


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