Where is the answear

You are so perfect, that’s why u go away. God would be jealous of your good and love, for all you have

Even you hurt me in very sweet way.

your love n your cared, your voice and your touch, your anger and your respect..

all is the sweetest thing i ever felt.

Do u think that i’ll get my love back? not from you.. but would i??

So many thing happened… Good n bad… but i’ll try my best…

I dont know why. i feel so comfort, but i feel so scared either.

scared of losing and failed again. scared of being betrayal or competing again.

but may be its too fast. we know nothing.

or maybe i hope too much. i have nothing to offer.

i am not good for him..

he wants a perfect one too. not me..

so it’ll be good to wait n see.

like i did before, wait n see. but u never be back

Why don’t u come back to me or u take me away. the options i should choose too complicated n too risk.

i dont know, n i am not so sure…


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