The Of My Denials

Should we feel happy when we get something we really want ?, or should we feel sad if we failed??

Sigh…….. I don’t think so………

If it’s belong to you, you’ll get it, no matter how you want it and try hard for it or you hate it and always avoid it. Hopes and wishes are still blur for me. Should I ?? when I thought that what I hoped, I wish, and I fight for suddenly missed without any reason left. I can’t believe its anymore.

The story of life only seems like a scenario that would be filled history. When we want it and fight for it and finally get it, it would be medals. We would be a success man. When we don’t want it but not hate it and than get it, we would think it’s a gift. How lucky we are. When we hate it and avoid it, but we get it. What a bad luck. When we fail once, they would say don’t give up. God has a planning for us, a better one. After being failed and not try to stand again by living a bad life with the shadow of that dark time, they will say we deserve to get it. What you give, what you take. Never stop fighting after being failed and than it works, It would be thought as a paid for last fails. We did it. But when we fail again and again no matter how much tears and maybe bloods paid for that, we would think that God doesn’t love us. How pity we are that time.

So what of the main thing? Hope, Wish, Action, or Luck or nothing ?

You want it, you’ll hope.

You want it but seems it’s impossible, you’ll wish.

You get want you hope, you did it.

You get what you wish, you’re luck.

Is it really it is ? or it’s only a called.

How to take back my belief ??

But most of all, I do believe of GOD. How big and great, and powerful he is. And how unpredictable he is also. I know he hears me, and I am sure he is. Do the best i could do. Only for avoiding the word “Regret”.


Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is mystery, and Today is a gift,. Always….


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